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Name: Kimberly
Is there a clothes closet today?

Hello! I am actually reaching out for my sister. She works full time, has 2 girls. The youngest is 5 and the oldest is 10. Last year the 10 year olds father committed suicide. My sister got her daughter in counseling but is having problems with her in school and at home. The 10 year old is now going through her second stay at Tucker’s Pavilion Psych Center. My sister is a great mother and is trying to do this on her own. She has constantly been having to take off of work to meet with teachers, the doctors at Tucker’s, case workers, etc. With that being said, she is behind on her light bill. I am reaching out to churches in her area to see if anyone would be willing to assist. I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter. I hope to hear from you soon.

Britney Price

Name: IsraelUsaLivelihoodSupporters
Location: Richmond va
We are IsraelUsaLivelihoodSupporters,we watch/almsgive for Israel by promoting charisma magazine top rated for accountability and
Watch/almsgive with us please by donating your best monthly gift direct either ministry:)We believe almsgiving to Israel with prayer touch the heart of God for revival in the land Psalm121:4:)

Name: Meghan Jessup
Location: Dinwiddie, VA
Hi, my name is Meghan Jessup. I have a 1 year old son, his name is Carter and I am 21 weeks pregnant with my daughter. My boyfriend & I are both currently unemployed, he is just doing side work with his father and with costs of food going up since I am feeding two & my son is eating actual food now not formula we have been struggling with money a lot. We also have been having a hard time with getting everything we need for our daughter on the way and diapers and wipes for our son. I know it’s not polite to beg, that is not what I am trying to do just simply asking for assistance if possible. I get food stamps and occasionally visit the food bank near me but it just isn’t cutting it for me to have gas for my appointments and provide for our 1 year old son who needs necessities a lot. If at all possible can you point me in the direction of someone who can help me with assistance for diapers, wipes and food please? And if there are any programs through the church that can help me with donations or diapers or anything please let me know. Please can you pray for my family as well, times are tough right now but I am hoping for this to pass soon. Thank you for understanding and have a blessed day. Happy Holidays. Thank you.

Name: Victoria (Vicki) Hull
Location: North Chesterfield
I would like to provide my current address for any future mailings. My old PO Box was sold to someone else erroneously & I haven’t been able to receive any of the mail. That is where my newsletters had been sent.

Name: Ashley Rivers
Hello my name is Ashley Rivers and I am a mother of 4 beautiful children Laura Saunders 14, Joseph Saunders Jr 13, Sarah Saunders 12, and Christopher Saunders 10. I became a mother at an early age I have done everything I can to make sure my kids have had everything that they want or need my kids are my world. The reason im reaching out to you is to see if there is anything that you could do to assist me. In January my childrens step grandmother that I shared joint custody decided that she wanted full custody of my children by march she went into the courts stating that she didn't want custody at all. My last court in June the judge ordered me to participate with Family Preservation so that I could find help with housing. I am currently staying with my brother in Gilpin Court neighborhood and its just crowded. I have a outstanding bill with Virginia dominion power the water company and RRHA and with these balances its preventing me from being able to moved forwarded. I have until August 22,2019 to get these bills paid and be able to get into a place so I can have my children come home. I willing to show statements of these bills as well if needed. If I don't find help I will loose my children to the state at court and I cannot have that happen I need them and they need me im asking for any help. If you also know of any food resources as well im needing assistance with that as my benefits wont take place till August 1st. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my story and my struggle I know we all have hard times some are just worse than others I just cant give up on my kids I can be reached at (804) 888-2347 and my email is

Name: Lisa Tate

Name: Woodrow Leonard
Location: North Chesterfield Va 23237
Hi my name is Woodrow Leonard. Yeah I’ve helped us about a year ago we haven’t needed any help in a while we have been at the White House motel for a year and a half I have been paying him $400 a week I can show you my paystub’s we currently on Friday had our car taken to a title loan we have to get it back on Tuesday for $500 but we have to pay our rent tomorrow by 11 or we will be evicted and we’ve been here a year and a half I was just wondering since Pastor William or Weber Memorial has not helped us in a year if y’all would be able to help my family we have three daughters and my wife and just need the motel paid for one week until I get my check on Friday and continue to pay so we can get our car back we are in a really bad jam the car toLoan company has not sent us a letter in a very long time at least eight months and we forgot about the loan while we were catching up on our rent I currently work for Ghazi construction and the rain last week put a toll on my check and I was just wondering if you could contact us back at 804-275-2616 room 104 you can ask the hotel manager we have been paying our rent on our own for a very long time we are actually doing better but we just need a little help this time and was wondering if you would be willing to help could you please give me a call back thank you and have a very nice day

Name: Christopher Sites

My name is Christopher Sites. I just retired from the Army and I just moved back to Virginia two weeks ago. I am emailing you today in hopes that you would consider doing business with me! I own Sites Services which is a cleaning company. We clean commercial buildings, offices, churches, schools, new construction homes/buildings, as well as Real estate properties. We are a Veteran owned and family operated business with a 100% guarantee to out bid anyone in the Richmond and surrounding area's! We are also licensed and insured with a $2,000,000 policy. If you would please consider my company, you will not be upset with the services we provide! My contact is below!

Thank you!

Christopher Sites

Sharon Acton
Project Manager

Web address:

Name: Ernest Brown
Location: N Chesterfield
Trying to help Chris Coates at 9442 Shiloh Dr. With cutoff notice on dominion power 323.13. Cut off date is 4-12-2018. Can you help?

Name: Jerry
Location: Chester, va
I'm needing to know if y'all help out people with room assistance for example my family and I need help with assistance for a week at the in town suites in chester.

Name: Samantha Pegram
Location: North Chesterfield
My family and I are interested in attending church. I did attend as a child and my husband has never been to church. We are interested in rediscovering our faith and getting my son more involved. He is 5. Does the church offer Sunday school for children his age? Also, do we meet with the Pastor?

Name: Ernest Brown
Location: Re: Chris Coates
Sent email to Jo Parkin but not sure she still there. Please contact me at 8046290075 to discuss past due water bill for Christopher Coates.

Name: Lakeisha Barnes
Good evening, I'm currently homeless living in Martha Kay motel in North Chester with my children. I just started a job but need help paying for my room for 1 week. The owner told me to contact this church. I would also like to talk with a member of the church because I'm starting to lose faith in my life.

Name: Erin Gunter
Location: 23237
Hello I was wondering what your full time tuition rate for a two year old is? And, what are your hours? Thank you.

Name: James lesane
Location: North Chesterfield Virginia
We are L.E.S.A.N.E.INC., a non-profit organization incorporated 11-29-2016, for the purpose of destroying abuse, ignorance and all forms of hunger, body, mind and soul, via, restoring eden to it's natural state of existence in the name of Jesus. We like to work with you if possible. Here's a little about us:

My name is Marchelle. I am a Certified Medical Assistant-(CMA), a member of the American Association Of Medical Assistants-(AAMA), a Phlebotomist and I am certified to teach young men and women to become Medical Assistants/Phlebotomists. My job is to give third eyes-minds something to focus on once opened. I am also a Director. My name is James S. Lesane, I'm 45 years old, from Brooklyn NY and I came up with the idea for this organization by seeing how bad many forms of abuse is destroying this planet. I want to fix the mind of people so  that the beginning of Eden could have an appropriate sequel.  My name is James Steven Lesane, my job is to open third eyes-Minds. I am a Director. Me, Me, Me, Me, Me. That is the sound of a person singing at his/her own funeral.  Any person who says or thinks that way and does nothing runs from life and salvation and leaves it behind. That person leaves the big picture, and forsakes God/self. Psalms 82:6 & John 10:34 says that men are Gods & children of God. That being the truth, why do you choose to live in hell when you are meant to take charge of your life and live within the peacefulness of heaven?. Come and take your life, peace and place in  this Universe, and embrace yourself and reality.  God is everything, everyone, every soul that deserves to live in beauty. We offer in Virginia and abroad, domestic violence support groups-drug abuse support groups-model party action-temp agency services.  James S. Lesane & Marchelle Ayers,CMA-CPT, focuses on the betterment of the communities and society in Richmond, Virginia and abroad.

Help battle domestic violence, drug abuse and all forms of abuse.

Name: Bernadette Felice
Location: Richmond, VA
Can I set up an ACH or bank draft to tithe each week?

Name: Bridget Fitzgerald
Location: Albany, NY
Good Morning,

I am with the Ayco Charitable Foundation, a donor-advised fund, and one of our donors would like to make a donation to Webber Memorial Baptist Church. In order to verify that a donation can be made from our fund, we require the tax ID number. Additionally, can you please confirm if 7800 Salem Church Road, Richmond, VA 23237 is the correct mailing address for donations? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Bridget Fitzgerald
Operations Analyst, Ayco Charitable Services Group
Ayco | A Goldman Sachs Company
Street Address/ 25 British American Blvd., Latham, NY 12110-1405
Mailing Address/ PO Box 15203, Albany, NY 12212-5203
T/ (518) 640 5550 | F/ (212) 428 3728 | |

Ayco may provide tax advice to clients in accordance with its client agreement. Any advice contained in the communication including attachments and enclosures is intended for the sole use of the addressee and is limited to the facts and circumstances actually known to the author at the time of this writing. Certain tax matters may require you to consult with your tax counsel. You should consult with your tax preparer regarding implementation of tax advice.

This e-mail does not constitute an offer or solicitation with respect to the purchase or sale of any security in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation is not authorized or to any person to whom it would be unlawful to make such offer or solicitation. This e-mail may contain confidential or privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please advise us immediately and delete this message. If you are sending confidential information (e.g. name, tax ID), please ensure you are using a secure method of delivery. You may fax confidential information to (212) 428-3728. For additional information, including how to opt-out of future messages, see For prospectuses of recent initial public offerings to which this message may be related see See for important disclosures related to CFTC-regulated swap transactions. If you currently hold CFTC-regulated swaps, you may access the Dodd-Frank Regulatory Daily Mark through the Client Web. Please contact us if you do not have access to these links or to the Client Web.

Name: Robin Henderson
Location: Chesterfield, VA
I am a member of Beulah UMC and we are hosting the Thanksgiving community service this year. I am in charge of getting all of the music together. I need for the head of the praise band/acapella group to contact me so we can get together on what music they plan on doing for the service. She is welcome to e-mail me on the address that will be listed with this entry. My name is Robin Henderson and I am the praise band leader at Beulah.

Name: Alon Koenig
Location: Nolensville. Tennessee
Seeking any and all info if available dating to 1959, where my grandmother was a member there. I recently became aware of this lady as I was going through some old family belongings and came across a newspaper article which mentioned her and your church. her name was Rae Tate Coghill she was at the time of her death married to Garland P. Coghill, all immediate family is no longer living, I'm just curious about the grandmother I never heard about because of her apparent suicide. if any old records are available they would be much appreciated, thanks

Name: Charlene Saunders
Location: Friendship Baptist Church
Good Evening,My name is Charlene Saunders and I am on our personnel committee here at FBC and we are putting together a job description for a permanent music director. I would like to know if you have a director and if you would be willing to send us a copy of yours. I am collecting from a few churches in our district that are similar in size of ours.
If so please either send me a copy to Friendship Baptist Church 5200 Newby's Bridge Rd Chesterfield, Va. 23832 attn. to me or e-mail me a copy to the e-mail address below.
Thank You and May God Bless.
Charlene Saunders/ cell phone 638-1976

Name: Pastor Siani Harpal
Location: India
Dear Friends

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

It’s a great privilege to write to you about the “New Life Power Gospel Fellowship”. The New Life Power Gospel Fellowship is a non-profit charitable organization working in Orissa State (India) with a real heart and vision to reach rural villages with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We exist to fulfill the great commission among the unreached people groups of India by training and equipping pastors, church leaders and missionaries for the churches in India and serving the communities through Orphanage, School, Child Development Centre, Church Planting ministry, Evangelism, Medical care, Drinking project, Social concern & Training etc. Please have a look of our ministries website at 

We are called to extend the kingdom of God in our area. But the work seems to be endless. We desperately need the support, encouragement, and cooperation from you, your ministries, and churches to develop God’s ministry in reaching the unreached here in Orissa. Hinduism is the main religion of Orissa India. Out of more than one billion Indians, not even 2% are Christians in Orissa State. This is very poorest and barren state for the Gospel in India. We with much prayer earnestly ask and request you to extend your prayer and financial support to our ministry in order to reach thousands of people in Orissa, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kindly pray and give us oppertunity to partner and come alongside “New Life Power Gospel Fellowship” I am sure that the value of your help to these challenged people should only be overshadowed by an incredible blessing.

We thank you for the opportunity to communicate to you. May you be granted much wisdom and understanding as you consider a possible opportunity for partnering with the New Life Power Gospel Fellowship.

Thank you and blessings on you and your whole staff.


In His Vineyard

Pastor Siani Harpal
Executive Director, New Life
Kesinga, Kalahandi
Odisha-766012, INDIA
Cell: 0011-91-9938065937

Name: tennille
Location: chesterfield
I was wondering if you will be hosting the beth moore cast on sept 17,? Someone told me about the event and said that you sometimes host. Thank you for your time. If you are can you let me know more information thank you

Name: Ernest Brown
Location: North Chesterfield
Trying to help a disabled young man named Chris Coates get some painting done on his rental property. He has 5 gal buckets of paint in three types.Primer, flat white for ceiling, semi gloss white for trim. And a butter yellow for walls. I have Cold and can't do.much, and he not that experienced at painting. Is there anyone or two men that might have painting experience and be willing to help with this project?

Thank you,
Ernie Brown

Name: Jacqueline Goodwin
Webber Church member, please update my Mailing Address.

Location: CHESTER
Will you be providing a summer program?

Name: Amma Gatty
Location: East End
Good morning, Pastor!
I wanted to touch base with you to let you and the Webber Church community know about an exciting event happening in our area at East Assembly of God this Summer.

Next Star Performing Arts Center in partnership with East End Assembly of God, from June 20 to July 15, will be hosting a Film Summer Camp for kids ages 6 to 15. 8 am to 5 pm daily for those 4 weeks. Our Camp allows our students to be intricately involved in Film Making; they develop the story, write the script, direct, handle camera, editing, and every aspect of film making. Campers will be spending this time with Acting professionals and Filmmakers and working together on a Movie!
At the end of the Camp there will be a showing of this Movie for family and friends! Camp will be held at 3294 Britton Rd, Henrico VA 23231 (East End Assembly of God) kids will have so much fun and also learn other valuable life skills, such as, teamwork, confidence building among others! The last week of camp will include our annual East End Vacation Bible School.
Registration is on our website; Children from area Churches such as yours will be participating and will also receive a discounted rate if they mention promo code: EAST END

Apart from Film Camps, Next Star offers Acting Classes, Dance, Visual Arts, Etiquette classes among others for kids ages 3 and up. Our Spring sessions begins April 5th. Information is on our website. We meet at 2630 New Market Rd(Phase II Building)

I was wondering if you could please pass this word along within your church community. We can only cater for 30 kids during Camp so interested people will have to act quickly.
I appreciate your help.
Let me know if you have any questions. We can be reached on 804-663-8383.

Thank you so much!
Amma Gatty
Founder/Artistic Director
Next Star Performing Arts Center

Name: Lindsay Eakin
I am interested in memorial services this weekend.

Name: Jean Werley
I want to make a donation in the Memory of Robert Armstrong. Is there a way of making a note of this when I use your Donate Online tab?

Thank you.

Jean Werley

Name: Barry & Barbara Stewart
We would like to be taken off of the mailing list since we know longer attend Webber.

Thank you!

Name: Lois Moore
Location: Chesterfield
This is Lois's son. I'm setting up her tablet computer.
Does the church have a regular email blast update that you can add her listed email address to? If needed I can be contacted at

Name: Pam Whitlock
Location: Chesterfield, VA
Hi I am getting married July 16th and looking for a ceremony venue. A friend suggested your facility. Is that date available and what is the proper procedure to use?

Name: Danis Goins
I would like to sign up 3 people for the Evangilism event on the 23rd hosted by Daren Davis

Attendents are Danis Goins, Tracy Goode and Suzanne Goode.

Thank you!!!

Name: jana strickland
Location: montpelier va
Hello -Happy New Year- --please let us know if we can be of service.
We are booking Spring and Summer dates now-
ideas-- -Wildlife Friends-great inside program-Our petting zoo fantastic for spring,summer and fall -we have awesome memorable animals .
ps . please note our services are great year round !
Thank you ,
Animals Unlimited LLC est. 1996
"Our Zu 2 U"---- "mobile services to you"
animals for education & events
(804) 647-1066
email: Web Site:
Option 1--Exotic animal programs "Our Wild World" Wildlife Friends! /Great inside program ! Educational and hands on !!
Featuring from Madagascar our Ringtail Lemur (king Julian), Small endangered Capuchin monkey aka " Carlo's the comedian" from the Rainforest of South America, On to Africa a Prickly hedgehog w/ gloves available, Small reptiles... the beautiful Ball Python(small) for the Savannah Plains of Africa and The Bearded Dragon (small) fro the hot desert region of Australia see how this lizard adapts so well! the children really like this program very different! Habitat,adaptation,studies of different areas of the world and species.

Option 2--Festively decorated Our Petting Zoo-Great for any special occasion picnics/movie ... - Our petting zoo offers a variety of different kinds of small farm animals -very cute little pony,playful goats,lullabell the lamb, quacky white ducks,frilly chickens from china and always a favorite bunnies to hold!something for everyone! A very nice set includes hay bales ,brushes and feed . Husbandry practices offers education on care. A crowd pleaser!. The set is seasonally decorated spring and fall- spring –cute baby animals!! Fall/pumpkins, straw hats..
Additional services: Pony Rides ,Hay Rides.Live Nativities,Palm Sunday precession w/ our Jerusalem Donkey...

I look forward to future potential.
Jana Strickland/Animals Unlimited LLC

Name: David Roberts
For more than 40 years Share Financial has been helping church leaders budget for debt retirement with fixed rate financing in order to make the best use of their cash flow. We can help you with a payment structure designed to maximize your ministry opportunities.

Increasing interest rates will give many churches with adjustable rate financing heartburn. Adjustable rate financing is best suited for borrowers who have a short term financial need. One thing is very clear, in today’s credit markets there remains financial risk and uncertainty.

Many churches are now choosing to lock in a fixed interest rate and service debt within the confines of the operating budget rather than face renegotiating debt at higher rates in the future. This kind of planning will allow you to spend your time and energy on ministry and programs, not servicing additional debt just because rates begin to climb.

If your church is considering financing options for new construction, property acquisition, refinancing or relocation, give us a call.

Some of the advantages of a Share Financial loan package:

• Open End Deed of Trust – allows the church that is building in phases to finance the next phase without being required to refinance previous phase.
• The right loan structure to allow the leadership to focus on the ministry.
• Prepayment enhancements rather than penalties.
• Terms and conditions in favor of the church rather than the lender.
Please let me know if there is a convenient time to introduce Share Financial Services and/or if there is anything specific you would like to discuss regarding the fixed rate financing package that is available through our firm.

Name: Barry & Barbara Stewart
We would like to be taken off of the mailing list for the Webber monthly newsletter.

Thank you!

Name: Clay Tetrick
Location: Chesterfield
I was wondering if the church is planning on doing the Trunk-R-Treat this year again? We had such a great time last year and wanted to make sure we don't miss this fun time.

Name: Rick Miller
Location: Okinawa, Japan
William, The Lord brought you to mind this morning and prayed very specifically for you and Becky. We have been back in Japan for about two years now - serving as Pastor of Central Baptist Church. We have just purchased a three story building (debt free) and in the process of renovations. ( Our family is doing great. Amy & Marty are in Apex. Marty has been associate pastor there for 10 years. Joy & Ryan are in Ghana, Africa as missionaries. Kristi and Philip are in Albemarle and serving at N. Albemarle Baptist. We now have 7 grandchildren and #8 due in Nov - so Deb will fly back to Ghana to be with Joy for the birth of their 3rd son. We'd appreciate the prayers for us and the ministry here. In the grip of His grace, rick and deb miller

Name: Wendi Mentzer
Good morning! I am with Central Virginia Homeschool Athletic Association (CVHAA), and am scheduling our fall season's volleyball games. Because we are a homeschool team, we do not have a permanent home gym for practices and home games. Does Webber Memorial allow their gym to be used/rented by other organizations or groups? If so, does the gym have the volleyball equipment and floor markings? I thank you in advance for your help! Have a great day! Wendi

Name: David Roberts
Location: Burlington, NC
I am hoping to get the opportunity to briefly introduce myself and Share Financial Services.

We have been working with churches exclusively for more than 44 years and have financed more than 1,150 church related projects in that time. As an exclusive church lender that specializes in providing fixed rate financing for our church clients, we work hard to protect your ministry and provide a great stewardship experience by providing you:
• Protection of your ministries and missions with a rate that is fixed for the life of the loan.
• Terms and conditions that allow your church to operate without interference from the lender.
• No prepayment penalties.
You can review more about Share Financial Services by visiting our website at
Please let me know if there is a convenient time to introduce Share Financial Services and/or if there is anything specific you would like to discuss regarding the fixed rate financing package that is available through our firm.

Name: Linda Neely
When will registration be open for the Beth Moore simulcast? Thank you in advance for your response.

Name: Lisa Owen
Location: Cool Spring Baptist Church
Good afternoon,

My name is Lisa Owen and I am on the Women's Ministry Team at Cool Spring Baptist Church in Mechanicsville. We will be coordinating a group of ladies to attend your Beth Moore simulcast in September and wondered if you had any more details at this time, like cost of tickets? Schedule? If not, when will that information become available? Thank you so much, Lisa

Name: Jessica Graham
I volunteer some of my time to help churches with their websites. I worked in IT for 18 years and was also a professional webmaster. I've helped a lot organizations already. Do you have any interest in getting a new custom website at no cost? I just helped a small ministry and their site is really nice now. I worked with a Baptist church before that and also helped them with professional online donations.


Jessica Graham
Outreach Volunteer

Name: Brenda Minor
Hello Joe ~

I am desperately needing help with rent assistance for May 2015. I am currently unemployed and experiencing financial hardship. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks; have a great day.

Name: Tom Bartlett
Location: Ocean Grove NJ
I have a "New Baptist Hymnal" with Webber Memorial church name printed on the bottom of the cover in gold letters. Printed 1926. Probably was my grandfather's Allen G. McCabe, who was I believe a founding member of the church. Likely from the first set of hymnals the church acquired.
Thought you might like it for your museum or memorabilia collection. I will mail it to you if you will confirm that you want it.

Name: prashansa francis
Location: India
CAN U PLZ SEND ME ANY ONE BOOK OF YOUR PUBLICATION and a cross.i also want to pursue bible studies.

my address
ms.prashansa francis uit rgpv deptt. of ece airport road gandhi nagar bhopal madhya pradesh pin 462033 india (m) 9425985327

Name: Linda
I saw online that your church will be hosting the Priscilla Shirer simulcast in April. Can you please send information about tickets for the event? Thank you, Linda Neely

Location: 1904 E MAIN ST.